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Welcome into our Renovation World !

Carle Rénovation is a family enterprise that was created while members were about 20 years old Our History. By combining the skills that each one of us has gotten during those years, we have more than 100 years of experience while achieving work of great quality.

Our team is specialized in renovating residential buildings and small plexes. The major part of our work is on buildings dating from 1939 to 1999. Moreover, our business workshop is located in a building dating from that period of time, right in the heart of the old section of the Vieux-Longueuil.

We provide total services for residences, from the pre-inspection, the work planning, the indoor and outdoor renovation, the repairs of the building or the compliance of current standards up to the development of the green space as well as the plantation of the last cuttings in the soil.

We are well aware of the drawbacks caused by renovations, but it is our work to execute everything with a minimum of impact on your lifestyle habits. And when we commit to achieve your projects, we have two goals at heart :

  • To provide solutions that will bring you peace of mind
  • To ensure impeccable results before to quit your residence

Until we meet for real, keep an open mind and be creative. You can put your trust in us for the rest!

Christian Carle



Adding VALUE, COMFORT and PRIDE to your personal residence


Continuous RESPECT of your lifestyle, CLEANLINESS and SECURITY


Bring CREATIVITY, OPTIMIZE what's existing, and provide EXCELLENCE


PEOPLE who CALL us back every time they dream about a new project


Our History

From a family of 5 boys and 1 girl, the father not very handy himself, our parents have quickly realized the scale of the mission laid ahead for them. They had to educate a group of teenagers who thought they were inventors and who used to transform everything that fell into their hands - a lawnmower motor installed on a bike, a transformed snowmobile in front of our rooms, a kart in fiberglass driven in the neighborhood, other structures built everywhere in the woods. Our father was discouraged with one hand on the forehead while our mother used to smile and tell all of her friends that her children were real geniuses!

In the eighties, while we were in our early twenties, it was time for each of us to own a property and to come back to our good old habits i.e. to transform things! We quickly spent long hours to renovate each room and space. The purpose was to create more space and functions but in fact we could not resist in doing so. Since then each of us has been renovating hundreds of houses separately.

It’s in 2009 that we finally put together that whole experience and all those talents. What a progress it has been since our beginnings! Customers, trends, materials, equipments, everything keeps changing. We must always look for the new products and find ways to improve our techniques in order to fill up our backsack with innovating concepts and create at your place what’s EXCLUSIVE at the best price!

Today it is from brothers to sons that we share this rich experience and the young talents to take over are already solid enough to ensure the future. Together we want to create at your home ... VALUE, COMFORT et PRIDE... with basic elements such as CREATIVITY, OPTIMIZATION and EXCELLENCE!

Our Team